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Phoenix Naturopathic Medicine ClinicThe Original Health Institute is a Naturopathic Medicine Clinic in Phoenix that services the surrounding areas of Scottsdale, Sun City, Mesa, Chandler, Fountain Hills and Glendale for any number of conditions, pains, injuries or illnesses.

Naturopathic medicine is a trending treatment method that is a hybrid medical field that combines the widely respected and tested forms of Alternative/complementary medicine, frontier developments in medicine, homeopathic, herbal, manipulative, electric, light and Chinese Medicine as well as the advanced testing and methodology of modern medicine, which can include medications.

By combining the best of the historic medicine has to offer with all of the research and equipment that we have today, naturopathic doctors have a great respect for providing the most advanced treatments, while respecting the body’s natural state. This means that our clinic limits its use of potentially harmful medications. Rather, our naturopathic doctors in Phoenix can confidently treat our patients with advanced diagnostics and analysis from modern medical equipment and lab tests, while employing natural treatment methods. Our Naturopathic clinic carries a large variety of treatment approaches including, Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupuncture, homeopathics, homeopathic and natural injectables, physical manipulation, restorative medicine and other approaches.

This prolific duo of old and new really compliment one another. As patients demand more and more natural solutions to their afflictions, naturopathic medicine gains more credibility and funding for further research into supporting the many claims that doctors have made over the past few thousands of years as to the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As recent as September of 2017, major studies have confirmed the efficacy of homeopathic injectables that were used over 50 year in a European study and 25 years in a U.S. study.

The Natural Solution

At our core, OHI is dedicated to providing our patients with the most natural forms of pain relief, chronic disease management, erectile dysfunction and overall wellness solutions. We gladly provide these natural remedies because Phoenix locals are begging for a more natural solution to their ailments, than pills. This is exactly what we offer at the Original Health Institute.

Our lead doctor, Dr. Schwartz, is committed to studying and mastering all modern medicine practices that are natural, while still respecting the effectiveness of the ancient Chinese medicine treatments that have been utilized for thousands of years.

What this means for our patients is that no matter what injury or illness they have, they can rest assured that they will either receive the best possible treatment or advice that takes into account all of what modern and traditional medicine can provide, or be referred to the proper specialist in the Phoenix area. When modern medicine provides the safest and most effective relief from a patient’s condition, that is what Dr. Schwartz will use, or refer his patient to.

Treatments Provided at OHI

  • Pain Management
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Acupuncture
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer Recovery
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Peyronie’s Disease Treatment
  • Chronic Pain
  • Car Accident Injuries, Whiplash
  • Chronic Diseases

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Don’t let modern or ancient medicines fail you individually. Allow them to come together for the most effective treatment possible for your chronic or minute diseases and injuries. Serving Phoenix and its surrounding cities.

I had been to several doctors over the years for my back pain. After my first visit to Dr. Schwartz, I was feeling better and after my third treatment the pain was gone.“

Alex S.

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