Natural Allergy Treatment in Phoenix

Allergies are an odd phenomenon, where the body’s immune system reacts to a particular substance, often pollen, dander or a certain food. The immune system treats these substances as a parasite and works to expel the substance from the body through all means. This is what causes the typical allergy symptoms of watering eyes, sneezing and potentially vomiting.

allergy treatment phoenixThis is a positive thing when the allergen is harmful, like in instances of mold or dust mites entering the body.

However, when people are allergic to natural pollens and foods, it is a sign that the person’s immune system is not well balanced and functioning properly.

Natural allergy treatments are aimed at providing the necessary balance in the body to strengthen the immune system so that these misfires don’t go off and cause the patient unnecessary distress.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Allergies

Chinese herbs have been used for many years to help improve patients’ immune systems. Aimed around addressing imbalances in the body, natural supplements and remedies have been concocted for thousands of years to give the body, what it’s devoid of.

When the body doesn’t have the resources to do all of the many different things it needs to do every second, minute, hour and day, it can create an imbalance that can lead to any number of uncomfortable symptoms.

One of these symptoms can be the body’s immune system reacting negatively to otherwise harmless allergens.

The symptoms of allergies are the result of the body trying to rid itself of pollen, dander and other airborne substances. Sneezing, leaking and even vomiting, are all attempts of the immune system to get rid of these substances. With a healthier immune system, your body will better be able to recognize what is and is not a threat and often patients of Chinese Herbal Medicine find that this means they get to avoid their typical allergy symptoms.

Treating Allergies with Acupuncture

allergy treatment with acupunctureAnother great natural remedy for allergies is acupuncture. Often times, naturopathic doctors will combine the two treatments to enhance the effects of both the herbs and the acupuncture.

In tandem, they work together to provide balance for the patient. In this way, the patient’s body will react normally to these stimuli that have been causing their allergic reactions.

When the immune system is properly identifying these allergens for what they are, they will not see them as a threat and work to expel them from the body. Only harmful toxins, contaminants and parasites will be attacked by the body’s immune system if it is properly balanced and healthy.

Acupuncture works to clear blocks in the body that lead to these imbalances. By addressing these blockages through triggering the body at precise points, acupuncture has shown signs of improving a patient’s immune system.

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I had been to several doctors over the years for my back pain. After my first visit to Dr. Schwartz, I was feeling better and after my third treatment the pain was gone.“

Alex S.

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