With the continued growing popularity of athletics in the U.S., especially in warmer climate regions such as Phoenix, injuries are on the rise. As much as we try to stay on top of safety best practices, car accident injuries happen. The silverlining for today’s accident victims that sustain major head injuries, especially concussions, is that medical advancements are growing to match the safety advancements in sports equipment.

BrainScope One is at the forefront of the concussion diagnostic movement. For those that sustain a work injury, whiplash from a car accident or sports related injury to the head, BrainScope should be the first stop, in our professional opinion. OHI is the first company in Arizona to receive this innovative new technology. It gives doctors the ability to achieve a clear view of the brain in order to confidently diagnose concussions. With this information, doctors will know whether or not a CT is needed for further diagnoses. BrainScope allows patients to receive accurate diagnosis of their brain functioning without relying solely on expensive and time consuming CT scans, even after minor collisions.

BrainScope One offers:

  • The convenience of anytime, anywhere mild head injury diagnostics
  • The peace of mind for patients to have the answers they need
  • Fast results – within 10 to 20 minutes patients will know the type and severity of the injury they have sustained and begin to develop a treatment plan with their doctors or go to the ER for further diagnosis and attention
  • A non-invasive, patient friendly way to diagnose concussions
  • Accuracy – BrainScope is backed by algorithms to go with its advanced technology

Why Quick Diagnostics is Important

It is said that every 23 seconds a traumatic brain injury occurs. What this means is that advancements in brain diagnostics need to be made in order to serve this growing patient base. This is because the brain, as we all know, is the control center for our bodies. Nothing occurs unless the brain triggers that process to begin. This makes brain injuries, especially traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), crucially important to diagnose and treat immediately. The nature of brain injuries are so immediate that clear and confident diagnosis should occur within a few days of the accident. This is why BrainScope has been cleared for use only within 72 hours of the injury.

Because the brain is not only an imperative organ that we simply cannot live without, but it is also made up of soft tissue that is very sensitive, treatment options are limited and always carry notable risks. This is why it is so important to receive a comprehensive answer as to what happened, if anything, to your head as a result of your car accident so that you can receive the proper treatment right away. If you feel as though you need immediate attention for your head injury, please visit your nearest ER right away.

Getting an immediate answer as to what is wrong, gives patients the peace of mind in knowing that they are on the path towards recovery and better health. Any uncertainty or hesitation can lead to lasting, if not permanent, brain damage.

Brainscope for Concussions

Concussions are now getting the attention they deserve among athletes and non-athletes alike, including car accident victims. Understanding how common concussions can be and what the long-term effects can be if a concussion goes unnoticed and untreated, is the first step in moving towards a healthier society. BrainScope allows patients the ability to understand and quantify the extent of their head injury through data and insights of their current brain function. This can prevent athletes and non-athletes from pursuing careers and activities that could potentially leave them disabled or disadvantaged mentally or physically.

BrainScope also works great for car accident victims, or those that have sustained a work-related injury. The more research that goes into concussions, the more we understand that it doesn’t take a big hit from a pro-football linebacker in order to sustain a concussion. A tumble down the stairs or an airbag releasing into your body or rear end collision can cause enough whiplash to create a concussion that should be looked at by a certified specialist.

The BrainScope Process

BrainScope eliminates the need for dozens of wires and electrodes being drapped from the patient’s head. Instead, BrainScope utilizes a proprietary, disposable headset that expedites the process of diagnosing brain injuries. The headset is designed to fit the shape of any head in a way that maximizes its effectiveness to get a proper reading of the brain’s activity.

Once the headset is in place, it simply connects to a convenient hand held device for immediate and on-the-go diagnostics. Perfect for emergency purposes, for doctors to give anytime, anywhere analysis of a head injury to best decide what treatment the patient needs to minimize the effects of the head injury and reduce the potential for long-term

The truth is, accidents occur. Nobody is expecting a TBI, when they happen. This is why BrainScope was developed to give any type of patient an immediate understanding of what the injury they have sustained has done and may do to their neurological system and therefore, their entire bodies.

Don’t let your seemingly minor, or severe, head injury become a larger issue down the line. Contact the Original Health Institute for quick, comprehensive and accurate brain injury analysis and treatment planning today.

I had been to several doctors over the years for my back pain. After my first visit to Dr. Schwartz, I was feeling better and after my third treatment the pain was gone.“

Alex S.

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