Is the P-shot Good For Men With Diabetes?

Is the P-shot Good For Men With Diabetes?

Diabetes is a very debilitating disorder that causes a variety of ailments in men. One of the most notable of these is erectile dysfunction.

diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Erection dysfunction can be a result of many different causes.

Stress, poor arterial health, a plaque build up, and also anxiety is some of the chief causes of ED in men.

As it turns out, your blood sugar plays a direct role in your ability to maintain an erection, as this has a direct effect on your blood vessels ability to stay healthy and transport blood where it is needed and triggered.

A recent study by the University of Toronto found that men with ED were twice as likely to have diabetes and not know it than men without ED. So, how can you have diabetes and not know it?

The truth is, men with diabetes can go without symptoms for a long time. And even when they do have symptoms, they can be confused with other things. The most common symptoms of diabetes are feeling tired or having to pee more often — things that men in the 30s or 40s may think are “normal.”

In reality, this is your body signaling you that it is beginning to have difficulty maintaining correct sugar levels. Researchers agree that for many men, the first real noticeable sign of diabetes is erectile dysfunction

What Is The Link Between ED and Diabetes?

Diabetes affects blood circulation and nerve function, both of which are vital to getting an erection. Having healthy sugar levels is essential for your nerves to have the proper responses from sexual contact and activity. If these are thrown off, it is possible that some of the key receptors that trigger blood flow to the penis may become inactive or malfunctioning.

phoenix naturopath clinicSo, if you are having trouble in the bedroom, see your doctor. He may want to test your blood sugar to rule out diabetes as a cause. This is quickly done through a small fast and tiny prick of the finger with your doctor. Your doctor may be more likely to suspect diabetes is at the cause of your ED if you have a family history of diabetes, or have high blood pressure, or are overweight.

If diabetes or prediabetes is found to be the cause of your ED, your doctor may recommend diet and lifestyle changes that can help with both conditions.

Getting on a diet and exercise regimen designed to control sugar and reduce cholesterol, can improve your overall health, including your sexual performance.

Shockwave Therapy for Men With Diabetes

Most physicians will agree – decreasing your sugar intake is one of the most direct and effective ways to lower your risk of having erectile dysfunction. When used in combination with pulsed acoustic wave treatment – one of the most successful ED treatment options on the market – it can provide astounding results.

Priapus Shot for Men with diabetesShockwave treatment helps to break up plaque that may have built up inside of unhealthy and oversaturated vessels.

Without the need for chemicals, pills, or surgery of any kind, this treatment is one of the most directly effective and easy ways to improve both your ability to get an erection as well as your overall quality of erection.

For men with diabetes, this treatment option can help to kickstart your path to healing from ED. After some time with diabetes, your blood vessels may become unhealthy or damaged, and less able to effectively carry blood to the penis. When this occurs, it can be hard to come back from the problems experienced in the bedroom.

Our treatment options can both heal blood vessels and trigger a process called angiogenesis, a process in which fresh, new, and healthy vessels are created in the affected area. In combination with well-moderated sugar intake, you can beat your erectile dysfunction and permanently correct the condition, rather than mask it with quick-fix pills.

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