ED TreatmentAging can have a significant effect on your ability to have a normal, functioning sexual ability. For those who are over the age of 30, hormone levels in your body have already begun to decrease and the production of these vital chemicals is now slowing down.

Without the correct levels of critical hormones such as testosterone and cortisol, the body’s ability react to sexual stimuli and divert blood to the penis is severely reduced.

Hormones act to coordinate responses through the body as they are needed. Various sensors and “triggers” throughout the body can activate the release of a certain hormone based on a stimuli of any kind including pain, touch, visual stimuli, and digestion. Based on what the body needs, certain hormones act as the messengers that go between systems through the bloodstream to affect change and cause the release of chemicals or the stimulation of activity.

When the body is low on critical chemicals such as testosterone, growth hormone, and even cortisol, the ability for the brain to trigger an erection is limited. Testosterone helps cause feelings of pleasure, positivity, and masculinity in men, and also helps trigger the diversion of blood to the penis as well. When this hormone is not present, not only is it harder for your brain to stimulate erectile activity, but is also harder for you feel sex as intimately.

The key problem with erectile dysfunction in 90% of cases is the fact that blood flow due to decreased hormones or poor arterial health is restricted and unable to cause or maintain growth.

The Latest ED Treatment Innovation

Recently, the most common form of erectile treatments included chemicals or invasive and expensive surgery. Popular ED medications have been proven to only serve as temporary solution that does address the deeper cause of erectile dysfunction in the first place – which is decreased blood flow.

In addition, 30% of men have been shown to be immune to the effects of these popular medications. Rather than create a dependence on these pills every time you are about engage in intercourse, it is smarter to find a treatment that actually solves your problem.

Before acoustic wave therapy, it was difficult to find any options that could really help solve the problem of decreased blood flow.

Physicians could recommend diet and exercise to improve arterial health and blood flow throughout the body, but still only had Viagra and Cialis ready to offer patients. Now, acoustic wave therapy has been gaining a huge amount of attention due to its ability to not only help with erectile dysfunction, but also helping to improve sexual ability and stamina.

Pulsed Acoustic Wave Therapy

before after gainswavePulsed acoustic wave therapy works by breaking up blockage in arteries and blood vessels. In addition, it also stimulates a process called angiogenesis. Angiogenesis helps to create new and healthy blood vessels in areas that pulsed acoustic therapy works on, increasing the volume of blood flow that can be efficiently handled in the vicinity. The magic of pulsed acoustic wave therapy come from its simplicity and its efficiency, and no other treatment is as effective while being chemical and surgery free.

If you are over 30, chances are that one day your testosterone levels will become deficient, and it may become more difficult to get an erection. Even if you practice a great diet and regular exercise routine, it is still inevitable. By starting a pulsed acoustic wave therapy regimen early, you can help strengthen blood flow to the genital area and stimulate stronger, longer lasting, and more pleasurable erections throughout the rest of your life.