Can A Meat-Heavy Diet Increase Your Risk of Erectile Dysfunction?

Can A Meat-Heavy Diet Increase Your Risk of Erectile Dysfunction?

There has been consistent research performed by multiple institutions that have proven the link of high-meat diets and preventable diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and various types of heart disease.

eating meat cause erectile dysfunctionThis recent research has shown many negative side effects that eating meat can cause in men.

One of the most surprising findings was the effect that regular meat consumption had on men’s libido and sexual functioning

Meat and Blood Flow

While eating meat has been a common practice throughout human history, research is showing that it may not be the best option for gaining muscle or maintaining good health in general, for that matter.

Meat has been shown to harden arteries and decrease blood flow, something that can exacerbate heart and blood flow problems in men.

Regular meat consumption also has been shown to throw off the bacterial health in your stomach, creating a less-balanced probiotic environment and slowing down digestion and distribution of nutrients to tissues.

The main argument has always been that meat contained more protein and amino acids that your muscles need to recover. In fact, plant-based diets can provide the same protein and amino acid benefits that meat does, according to the co-chair of the NFL’s cardiovascular health department.

In addition to this, plant-based diets can also increase healthy blood flow throughout the body, allowing nutrients and muscle growth to occur more easily and healthily compared to a diet that gets a majority of protein from red meat.

The Advantage of a Plant-Based Diet

Erectile dysfunction is caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis in a majority of cases, normally due to a combination of psychological and physical health factors. With increased endothelial health and, as a result, increased blood flow, you are improving your body’s ability to transport and maintain blood flow to the areas where it is required. As a result, plant-based diets are tied to increased sexual function due to easier and quicker blood flow to the penis for firmer and longer-lasting erections.

What’s more is that plant-based diets can increase your testosterone levels by as much as 20%.

For men over 40 who are experiencing sexual dysfunction and regularly eating red meat, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. By decreasing your meat intake and increasing the amount of plant-based foods you eat, you can naturally help combat the effects of aging on your sexual health.

If adopting a plant-based diet is not enough, our natural health professionals can help provide you with the treatment options necessary to help you feel your best!