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Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Phoenix AZ

The Original Health Institute is a Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Phoenix that services the surrounding areas of Scottsdale, Sun City, Mesa, Chandler, Fountain Hills, and Glendale for any number of conditions that results from aging and a reduced ability for the body to heal and maintain optimum health.

ohiRegenerative medicine is a hybrid medical field that combines widely respected and tested forms of treatments that include anti-aging therapies such as stem cell therapy, ED treatment, cellulite reduction, weight loss, and facial rejuvenation.

The treatments we offer help to improve overall health for those who have been struggling with the effects of aging and want to improve their quality of life. To combat the debilitating effects aging has on skin health, sexual health, and overall health of tissues throughout amplifying the healing mechanisms of the body.

When the body begins to age and skin becomes loose, sexual health declines and tissues become weaker. This is a sign of the body’s healing mechanisms losing their ability to effectively maintain health and make use of the natural cells that are designed for healing. What if it was possible to harness the powers of the body and accelerate and target their activation?

What if you could enjoy your later years in life more fully without constantly worrying about prescription medication and topical treatments?

This is the goal of regenerative medicine – to maintain optimum health by making use of the most advanced and effective forms of natural healing. At Original Health Institute, we aim to restore the function of damaged tissues and organs using advanced treatments, including stem cells and proven natural methods for improving skin and sexual health.

The Natural Solution

Regenerative medicine is a direct contrast to traditional approaches to treatments that only target the symptoms rather than the system and provides patients with real and lasting results. Our body’s healing mechanisms can achieve more beneficial healing, and regeneration than any synthetic treatment can offer.

Regenerative medicine targets these mechanisms and utilizes stem cells and natural tissue regeneration processes to reverse the adverse effects aging has on the various bodily systems. Our doctors in Phoenix, AZ, can confidently treat our patients with advanced diagnostics and analysis while employing natural treatment methods that target the source of the problem.

Our clinic carries a large variety of treatments, including skin tightening, stem cell rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, and next-generation sexual dysfunction therapies.

Exclusive Treatments at Original Health Institute


  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Hair Loss Treatment with PRP
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • ED Treatment
  • Peyronie’s Disease Treatment
  • Priapus Shot
  • Neuropathy Treatment
  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Incontinence Treatment

No matter what health problems you are going through as a result of aging, our treatments can help your skin glow, improve your sexual health to blossom, and also maximize your ability to enjoy life at any age without continually being held back by disease and the effects of aging. Whether you are struggling with, cellulite, sexual dysfunction, or overall health issues from disease or injury, regenerative medicine can more effectively to naturally heal these issues.

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Don’t let modern or ancient medicines fail you individually. Allow them to come together for the most effective treatment possible for your chronic or minute diseases and injuries: Serving Phoenix and its surrounding cities.

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I have known Dr. Boris Schwartz for a few years now. I originally came to him for an issue with my diabetes, which he reversed, saved my life there. Over time I noticed how he pioneered the latest ED treatment with an acoustic wave in the Phoenix area. He is continuously looking for new and effective therapies and always has the patient’s well-being in mind. Highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to anyone looking for a doctor whose methods are holistic, safe, and effective.
Lanelle Phillips
Robert Atavo
a week ago
I came to see Dr. Schwartz two month ago for my ED problem. Before that i tried other treatment options for about a year with some results. My primary doctor prescribed me pill but side effects got so harsh I had to stop using them.Dr. Schwartz offered a treatment plan with combination of regenerative medicine and a new pulse wave therapy. I was skeptical first as I've tried so many things. I felt slight improvements the same night after a first treatment and continues improvements with each treatment session. Now I see how less and less i have to rely on medications to get an erection. I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to any man with men's health issues. My initial consultation was free, which was great. Overall I am happy with the treatment and results I am getting.
Ric Caselli
Rodger Viskolski
1 years ago
What I really love about Dr. Schwartz is how knowledgeable he is & the time he took with me @ my appointment. He took his time in getting to know "me" & to really understand what is going on with my body & then educate me on my diseases/disorders. Even though I am just beginning my treatment, I feel very confident that I will get more benefits here @ OIH, then thru traditional medicines in which I've already tried & failed!
Michael Hall
Mel Whitlock
4 years ago
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