Car Accident Injury Doctor in Phoenix

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s essential to know your treatment options.

car accident phoenixPhoenix Accident Care at the Original Health Institute is a naturopathic practice experienced in diagnosing and treating injuries resulting from automobile accidents.

Injuries suffered in a car accident are unique, and may include trauma to your head, neck, back, shoulders, or other parts of your body.

The most common of these injuries—whiplash—hyperextends the neck and injures tissues and muscles surrounding the spine.

For best results, you need treatment by an expert. And you should seek this treatment soon after your accident to prevent your injuries from becoming permanent.

At the Original Health Institute, this comes in the form of advanced diagnostic equipment and natural treatment methods to give patients a holistic, yet accurate and efficient option towards recovery after a car wreck.

What is Whiplash?

whiplash treatment 1Much like the name states, whiplash is the occurrence of a sudden jolt backward followed by an equally jarring push forward.

This most commonly occurs in the neck and head. As the laws of physics state – “An object in motion, stays in motion.”

What this means when applied to a whiplash scenario, is when a person is driving, or sitting in a car traveling down the road, and gets into an accident, it causes the body to experience a rapid loss of acceleration, which leads to the neck and head whipping back and forth.

Our necks and heads are not built to withstand this jarring occurrence, and therefore many injuries are sustained in even “minor” car accidents. Whiplash can also occur in sports or any other scenario where an accident can cause you to rapidly lose momentum and force your head and neck to whip back and forth.

If you experienced whiplash, you might have sustained damage to your neck, spine, and even brain in the form of a concussion. It is best to get to receive analysis the extent of your injuries immediately. BrainScope is a leading accident, traumatic brain injury, and concussions diagnostic procedure that is FDA approved for only 72 hours post-injury. Though it will be challenging to think clearly after a car accident, keep this timeline in mind for your immediate and future health and wellbeing.

Diagnosing Car Accident Injuries

head injury diagnosticReceiving an immediate diagnosis after a car accident ensures that you have a full understanding of the extent of your ailments and the solutions available for them.

Original HI gives patients the peace of mind of accurate and comprehensive diagnoses of brain and head injuries.

Through the revolutionary head injury diagnostic system, we offer fast, accurate, and patient-friendly testing for traumatic brain injuries. If we feel that it is crucial, we promptly refer patients to the ER or appropriate specialist.

If you have reason for concern following a car accident, we strongly urge you to visit your nearest ER for immediate attention.

This is so important as advancements in medical technology are crucial for keeping up with the advancements in consumer technology.

Concussion and significant injuries were not as prevalent when the average citizen could not operate a machine that could move at speeds above 100 mph. So while we may utilize natural medicine to treat specific ailments, our patients can rest assured that we are taking advantage of the most advanced technologies to give them the best of both the East and the West.

The Naturopathic Solution to Injuries

If you can avoid the harmful effects of toxic opioids and narcotic painkillers, it is best to take a more natural approach. That is where naturopathic medicine comes into play.


a98835942558dc0b629cec6f874d97da f14Severe, or mild, car accidents can result in nagging injuries that, if gone improperly treated, can cause chronic pain. Acupuncture can relieve chronic pain and help patients feel well again. Rather than masking the pain with toxic painkillers, regular acupuncture treatments can help ease the pain from car accident injuries, as well as strengthen the body to eventually recover from the initial injury that is causing the discomfort.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal remedies and preparations can be made to fit nearly all ailments resulting from an auto accident. If you need to supplement your diet with additional nutrients to strengthen your body, there’s a Chinese herbal remedy for that. If you are looking for pain relief, we can also devise the right combination of herbal supplements that won’t conflict with any pain medications you may be taking.

Injection Therapies

An emerging natural treatment method among naturopathic practitioners is simply relying on the injection of natural substances to provide a healing boost to patients experiencing moderate to severe injuries or ailments. Homeopathics and other more natural injectables can help car accident sufferers manage their pain, reduce swelling, and achieve a better sense of wellbeing. Injection therapies administered at Original Health Institute include:

  • Homeopathics – Injections that adhere to the essential requirements of homeopathic medicine. Used for ailments from chronic pain to arthritis and more.
  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma injections require a simple yet effective healing process that begins with a blood draw from the patient, spinning the blood in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets in the blood that contain the majority of our body’s healing factors and then reintroducing the blood that is now a potent healing cocktail back into the afflicted area. As it leans on the patient’s healing elements, this process is not only extremely safe, but also effective at treating nearly any injury or ailment.
  • Autologous – PRP is an autologous injection in that it is an injection of the body of the patient. Autologous treatments rely on the body’s own resources to amplify the healing and recovery processes. From blood injections similar to PRP, to fat and cell transplants, autologous injections provide a natural source of healing for those experiencing minor or traumatic discomfort following a car accident or similar injury.
  • Herbal – Certain herbal remedies have shown benefits in relieving and masking the pain caused by trauma. At OHI, we work with our patients to develop the right herbal remedies to treat their symptoms and relieve their suffering resulting from a car accident.

Physical Manipulation

Specific injuries require a more hands-on approach. Deep tissue massages and physical adjustments can help release the pressure, pain, and discomfort caused by a car accident. Capping off the trio of naturopathic treatment options for car accident injuries, physical manipulation can help loosen tight muscles and improve the patient’s range of motion in the injured region, or regions, of the body.

Whatever injury you have sustained in your car accident, there is a naturopathic alternative or adjunct to modern medicine. Give your body the natural solution it needs to achieve a holistic and complete recovery from your car accident by reaching out to the Original Health Institute today.

Remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Our network of specialists and attorneys have helped thousands of car accident patients experience physical and financial relief following a traumatic accident. We will do everything we can to help you too.