Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, Phoenix, AZ

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, Phoenix, AZ

Our erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment in Phoenix, AZ, is designed not only for men with ED but also for men who want to improve the overall quality of their erection for enhanced sexual performance and bedroom experience.

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You’re not alone in your struggles with ED. It’s a very common problem for men all across the country. While most men may have occasional difficulty achieving a healthy and strong erection during sexual intercourse, men with ED can experience these symptoms for a prolonged period of time.

Part of this is due simply to natural aging and the decline of our bodies’ hormones and healthy blood flow.

Unfortunately, they’re left feeling like there aren’t many treatment options available. Oral medications can come with many negative side effects and surgery can be downright scary and cause even more problems than what you started with.

This is why it is so important for natural solutions to be offered to resolve sexual health conditions that are less temporary and don’t give patients harmful side effects.

Erectile dysfunction can not only impact your sex life and cause tension between you and your partner, but it can also negatively impact your mental health.

This is why we’re pleased to offer a treatment option in which you won’t have to worry about medications, preparing for surgery, or feeling pain afterward.

Symptoms and Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction results in three main symptoms:

  • Softer erections
  • Erections that don’t last throughout the entirety of sexual intercourse
  • The inability to achieve or maintain an erection

The most common treatment for erectile dysfunction is pills or injections. These medications provide temporary relief from ED; however, they do not address erection dysfunction at its root cause – poor blood flow. Our goal is always to offer the most natural solutions to our clients’ common health concerns from Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas.

Causes of erectile dysfunction can range and are mainly connected to other health problems such as:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Substance abuse
  • Smoking tobacco
  • Prostate cancer
  • Surgeries or injuries in the pelvic area
  • Sleep disorders

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Our doctor offers proven, all-natural, modern treatments for men with erectile dysfunction in Phoenix and surrounding areas so they can get back to enjoying a happy, healthy, and fun sex life! These treatments are alternatives to traditional medications and surgeries typically offered and can get to the root of the problem: poor blood flow due to a buildup of plaque.

GAINSWave® Therapy

GAINSWave therapy breaks up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulates new blood vessels’ growth in the penis. This increases the blood flow to the penis and improves sexual function by creating a longer-lasting, stronger, and firmer erection whenever the mood strikes. In addition, GAINSWave therapy activates the growth of new nerve tissues in the penis; therefore, you may notice a change in the length and girth size within a matter of weeks.

This process, called neurogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the penis by using low-intensity sound waves and is non-invasive so you don’t need to worry about surgery or not being able to have sex for weeks. This modern approach is completely non-invasive, drug-free, and comes with no side effects. You’ll be provided with long-lasting relief from ED symptoms for up to two years and can also be combined with the erectile dysfunction shot that is explained below for more severe cases. Together, these treatments can give you the erection you were able to achieve and maintain in your 20s and 30s!

This is a much more modern approach to erectile dysfunction treatment, it’s a non-invasive, side-effect free, pain-free procedure that provides long lasting relief from the symptoms of ED for up 2 years.


Priapus Shot, or “P-Shot”

A Priapus shot, also referred to as a P-shot, is a medical procedure (that is also non-invasive and drug-free) where platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used to stimulate growth and healing by improving blood flow to assist in alleviating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction for stronger, and even potentially bigger, erection. This treatment is suitable for all men, even those diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, or other problems. The injection is quick, easy, and the blood even comes from your own body.

Don’t Let Erectile Dysfunction Take Over Your Life

Once you reach the age of 30, you should start closely monitoring your sexual health and watching for signs of erectile dysfunction. If you start to notice your erections becoming softer or not lasting as long, contact us to start your path towards better sex in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Our treatments are natural and truly get to the root problem of erectile dysfunction, meaning they don’t just help you achieve an erection like Viagra or other medications, but they actually improve the causes like plaque buildup. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that men in the United States face, but it doesn’t have to be anymore when you contact us for help today.

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I have known Dr. Boris Schwartz for a few years now. I originally came to him for an issue with my diabetes, which he reversed, saved my life there. Over time I noticed how he pioneered the latest ED treatment with an acoustic wave in the Phoenix area. He is continuously looking for new and effective therapies and always has the patient’s well-being in mind. Highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to anyone looking for a doctor whose methods are holistic, safe, and effective.
Lanelle Phillips
Robert Atavo
a week ago
I came to see Dr. Schwartz two month ago for my ED problem. Before that i tried other treatment options for about a year with some results. My primary doctor prescribed me pill but side effects got so harsh I had to stop using them.Dr. Schwartz offered a treatment plan with combination of regenerative medicine and a new pulse wave therapy. I was skeptical first as I've tried so many things. I felt slight improvements the same night after a first treatment and continues improvements with each treatment session. Now I see how less and less i have to rely on medications to get an erection. I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to any man with men's health issues. My initial consultation was free, which was great. Overall I am happy with the treatment and results I am getting.
Ric Caselli
Rodger Viskolski
1 years ago
What I really love about Dr. Schwartz is how knowledgeable he is & the time he took with me @ my appointment. He took his time in getting to know "me" & to really understand what is going on with my body & then educate me on my diseases/disorders. Even though I am just beginning my treatment, I feel very confident that I will get more benefits here @ OIH, then thru traditional medicines in which I've already tried & failed!
Michael Hall
Mel Whitlock
4 years ago
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