Negative Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction and How to Treat Them

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual health problems among men.

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However, due to social stigma, it isn’t often discussed, leaving many men wondering how to deal with this problem.

Luckily, there are many treatments out there for ED, so if you are dealing with this condition, you don’t have to suffer through it or feel alone.

Treatments are constantly improving, and nowadays there is increased awareness of the problems of erectile dysfunction among the general population.

Negative Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

The biggest and most obvious negative side effect of erectile dysfunction is an inability to perform in the bedroom. While this can be treated with pills, they don’t always work comfortably or address any of the other challenges of ED. These pills can also cause side effects of their own.

While ED doesn’t normally lead to other major health complications on its own, some problems may arise, such as stress that leads to anxiety and depression. ED can also be a symptom of other larger problems, so it is important to get it checked out. Getting treatment for erectile dysfunction will help your sex life tremendously and boost your confidence in your relationships and in your body.

Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

There are many common myths about erectile dysfunction that lead many men to hide the problem or avoid seeking treatment. One of the biggest myths about ED is that you can only get it if you are older. This leads many younger men to avoid seeking treatment for their erectile dysfunction.

Another major myth about ED is that it is always caused by major physical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. This isn’t true either. While many instances of ED are caused by these conditions, there are also many instances of ED that are not caused by any underlying physical condition.

Finally, many people believe that if you can get an erection, you must not have ED. Surprisingly, this is not true. Many men with erectile dysfunction can get an erection; however, they can’t maintain it, or the erection is not strong enough to sustain sexual intercourse.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction treatmentThere are many in-office treatments for erectile dysfunction that have powerful effects that will last without causing pain.

These treatments tend to be more effective than taking ED medication, and they don’t come with the same side effects.

One of the treatments for ED is the P-Shot, which uses Platelet-Rich Plasma.

PRP is made by separating the plasma from your own blood, and this treatment works by increasing blood flow to the penis and breaking up blockages.

Another innovative treatment is stem cell therapy, which has been shown to regenerate tissue and improve erection quality. As a bonus, many men report an increase of girth in their penises after the P-Shot or stem cell therapy. Finally, there is a new pulsed energy wave treatment that can also improve ED called GAINSWave therapy. This helps stimulate blood flow to the penis, which minimizes erectile dysfunction.

If you are interested in cutting-edge erectile dysfunction treatment, click here to make an appointment today with one of our specialists.

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I have known Dr. Boris Schwartz for a few years now. I originally came to him for an issue with my diabetes, which he reversed, saved my life there. Over time I noticed how he pioneered the latest ED treatment with an acoustic wave in the Phoenix area. He is continuously looking for new and effective therapies and always has the patient’s well-being in mind. Highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to anyone looking for a doctor whose methods are holistic, safe, and effective.
Lanelle Phillips
Robert Atavo
a week ago
I came to see Dr. Schwartz two month ago for my ED problem. Before that i tried other treatment options for about a year with some results. My primary doctor prescribed me pill but side effects got so harsh I had to stop using them.Dr. Schwartz offered a treatment plan with combination of regenerative medicine and a new pulse wave therapy. I was skeptical first as I've tried so many things. I felt slight improvements the same night after a first treatment and continues improvements with each treatment session. Now I see how less and less i have to rely on medications to get an erection. I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to any man with men's health issues. My initial consultation was free, which was great. Overall I am happy with the treatment and results I am getting.
Ric Caselli
Rodger Viskolski
1 years ago
What I really love about Dr. Schwartz is how knowledgeable he is & the time he took with me @ my appointment. He took his time in getting to know "me" & to really understand what is going on with my body & then educate me on my diseases/disorders. Even though I am just beginning my treatment, I feel very confident that I will get more benefits here @ OIH, then thru traditional medicines in which I've already tried & failed!
Michael Hall
Mel Whitlock
4 years ago
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