How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

More than 30 million men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. This is a condition that makes a man unable to get an erection solid enough for sexual intercourse. It is a myth that only older men suffer from ED. Although ED is more common in men over 40, it is a concern for men of any age. Erectile Dysfunction affects men at some point in their life.

It usually isn’t a big concern for most men as sometimes it is just a one-time occurrence. Certain medications may lead to ED. Men who are inactive and live sedentary lifestyles are at risk for ED. Medical conditions can also contribute, as well as the use of illegal drugs or drinking alcohol.

Talk to Your Doctor to Treat ED

Changing your lifestyle is one way to improve the symptoms of ED, but usually these changes alone are not enough to resolve the problem fully. Schedule a doctor appointment if Erectile Dysfunction occurs frequently enough to notice.

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The doctor will examine you to rule out any underlying health conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular problems, which can contribute to ED. After treating any health concerns, ED should resolve itself.  Treatment options are plentiful if the cause is not an underlying medical condition, though.

ED Treatment Options

Erectile Dysfunction is treatable! Treatment options include prescription medicines, natural remedies, and lifestyle changes. The doctor will determine the best course of treatment after an exam. Most men will find many treatment options available to them. Some options include:

Oral Medicine

Oral medications like Cialis and Viagra are available. This option is the most popular erectile dysfunction treatment.  Men in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ prefer these treatments. These medicines provide exemplary results. Within an hour after taking a pill most man are able to get an erection.

It may be possible to get an erection for up to 48-hours after use. The pills are not right for every man, however they are FDA-approved but like most medications, there are some risks associated with their use. Talk to your doctor about oral ED treatments to learn if they’re suitable for your needs.

Lifestyle Changes

Many men with ED find lifestyle changes help them treat ED. If you are a smoker, a frequent drinker, or use street drugs, it is best to kick those habits now. You are what you eat; fresh fruits and vegetables are best. Do you get enough sleep? Many people do not and this causes many health issues.

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Erectile Dysfunction is one of those problems. 

Herbs/Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements may improve signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Panax Ginseng is one of several herbal remedies said to treat ED.  This pill is taken two to three times by mouth each day. Yohimbe is another natural ED treatment option. Talk to your doctor before using any herbal supplement.  

These supplements aren’t right for everyone especially men who take certain medications or have medical conditions. Never start an herbal supplement before getting a doctor’s approval!

Phoenix Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction can threaten an otherwise healthy relationship. It is difficult when you feel like you’re letting your partner down. Do not let this condition strain your relationship.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor if you are ready to treat ED.

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I have known Dr. Boris Schwartz for a few years now. I originally came to him for an issue with my diabetes, which he reversed, saved my life there. Over time I noticed how he pioneered the latest ED treatment with an acoustic wave in the Phoenix area. He is continuously looking for new and effective therapies and always has the patient’s well-being in mind. Highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to anyone looking for a doctor whose methods are holistic, safe, and effective.
Lanelle Phillips
Robert Atavo
a week ago
I came to see Dr. Schwartz two month ago for my ED problem. Before that i tried other treatment options for about a year with some results. My primary doctor prescribed me pill but side effects got so harsh I had to stop using them.Dr. Schwartz offered a treatment plan with combination of regenerative medicine and a new pulse wave therapy. I was skeptical first as I've tried so many things. I felt slight improvements the same night after a first treatment and continues improvements with each treatment session. Now I see how less and less i have to rely on medications to get an erection. I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to any man with men's health issues. My initial consultation was free, which was great. Overall I am happy with the treatment and results I am getting.
Ric Caselli
Rodger Viskolski
1 years ago
What I really love about Dr. Schwartz is how knowledgeable he is & the time he took with me @ my appointment. He took his time in getting to know "me" & to really understand what is going on with my body & then educate me on my diseases/disorders. Even though I am just beginning my treatment, I feel very confident that I will get more benefits here @ OIH, then thru traditional medicines in which I've already tried & failed!
Michael Hall
Mel Whitlock
4 years ago
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