5 Baldness Cures That Do Not Work and One That Does!

Forget the Crazy Baldness Remedies – PRP Really Works!

Over there years, there has been no lake of “snake oil” remedies for baldness. Here are five of history’s most bizarre “cures” of baldness.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

  1. Pharaoh Knows Best – In many ways, ancient Egyptian medical practices were pretty advanced and effective for their time. However, for baldness, not so much. Apparently, a popular baldness “cure” among the Egyptian elite consisted of a mixture of fats from a hippopotamus, crocodile, tomcat, snake, along with porcupine hair boiled in water and applied to the scalp for four days. Another involved the leg of a female greyhound sautéed in oil with the hoof of a donkey.
  2. Hippocratic Growth? –Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, suffered from male pattern baldness. He treated himself with a poultice made of opium, horseradish, pigeon droppings, beetroot, and spices. By all accounts, it did not stop his or anyone else’s hairline from receding.
  3. Snake Oil – The aforementioned “snake oil” has become a euphemism for any kind of medical quackery. But it has its origins as actually being touted as a baldness remedy.  According to The History Channel, the 19th century witnessed the emergence of so-called “snake oil” salesmen—essentially, swindlers masquerading as doctors and peddling phony potions that promised to treat all that ails you. Some of these tonics were supposedly formulated to reverse hair loss, including an ointment called Seven Sutherland Sisters’ Hair Grower, inspired, and marketed by a family of sideshow performers with cascading tresses.
  4. The Thermocap – As technology advanced, snake oil gave way to a countless number of gizmos and gadgets that claimed to cure baldness. One of the most memorable of these was “the thermocap.” Men and women with thinning locks and busy schedules simply had to spend 15 minutes a day under the bonnet-like gadget’s heat and blue light, which supposedly stimulated dormant hair bulbs. “Has a Remedy for Baldness Been Discovered at Last?” screamed the headline of a 1923 Popular Mechanics advertorial. The answer, sadly, was probably not.
  5. Vacuum Power – You might say that the last baldness cure on this list really sucked! In 1936 the Crosley Corporation introduced the Xervac, a machine that purportedly used suction to spur hair growth. Advertisements for the system, which could be rented for home use or found in barbershops, encouraged businessmen to kick back and relax with a cigarette and newspaper as the helmet-encased vacuum pump worked its magic on their follicles.

There Is a Better Way to Treat Hair Loss!

Hair Loss Restoration Treatment Phoenix AZ

There is a treatment for baldness that, at first glance, might seem as bizarre as those listed above. That is because it uses your blood! But as fantastic as that might sound—it truly does work.

Here at The Original Health Institute, we are using a revolutionary treatment for hair restoration that doesn’t involve drugs or costly surgery.

It uses platelet-rich plasma or PRP. PRP is used in many restorative and regenerative procedures. PRP uses the remarkable healing powers found in the platelets and stem cells in your own blood.


Results can be astounding. PRP for hair loss is:

  • Non-invasive – Unlike hair transplants that require painful grafts and implants, PRP for hair restoration is a simple, surgery-free, in-office procedure. Each PRP restoration treatment takes only about 60 to 90 minutes to complete!
  • Drug-Free – PRP for hair loss does not use any drugs or harmful chemicals. It is completely natural with no other ingredients than your blood.
  • Provides Natural-Looking Results – PRP for hail loss looks like real hair because it is your own real hair. There is nothing fake or artificial about PRP hair restoration – it stimulates the regrowth of your own natural hair!

Stop feeling self-conscious about thinning hair. PRP can help you to get back the self-confidence that comes with a full head of hair. Call us today at (602) 788-4333 to find out if you are a candidate for this life-changing procedure!

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I have known Dr. Boris Schwartz for a few years now. I originally came to him for an issue with my diabetes, which he reversed, saved my life there. Over time I noticed how he pioneered the latest ED treatment with an acoustic wave in the Phoenix area. He is continuously looking for new and effective therapies and always has the patient’s well-being in mind. Highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to anyone looking for a doctor whose methods are holistic, safe, and effective.
Lanelle Phillips
Robert Atavo
a week ago
I came to see Dr. Schwartz two month ago for my ED problem. Before that i tried other treatment options for about a year with some results. My primary doctor prescribed me pill but side effects got so harsh I had to stop using them.Dr. Schwartz offered a treatment plan with combination of regenerative medicine and a new pulse wave therapy. I was skeptical first as I've tried so many things. I felt slight improvements the same night after a first treatment and continues improvements with each treatment session. Now I see how less and less i have to rely on medications to get an erection. I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to any man with men's health issues. My initial consultation was free, which was great. Overall I am happy with the treatment and results I am getting.
Ric Caselli
Rodger Viskolski
1 years ago
What I really love about Dr. Schwartz is how knowledgeable he is & the time he took with me @ my appointment. He took his time in getting to know "me" & to really understand what is going on with my body & then educate me on my diseases/disorders. Even though I am just beginning my treatment, I feel very confident that I will get more benefits here @ OIH, then thru traditional medicines in which I've already tried & failed!
Michael Hall
Mel Whitlock
4 years ago
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