Many men across the globe are suffering from some form of male sexual dysfunction—especially erectile dysfunction (ED).

erectile dysfunction man over 40Erectile dysfunction is characterized by a man’s inability to achieve or maintain a healthy erection—that is, one that is adequate for sexual activity.

This is often the result of improper blood flow to the penis, restricting the penis from becoming fully erect.

Pills, vacuum constriction devices or penile implants do not allow for spontaneous erections which often makes sexual activity difficult to enjoy.

Unfortunately, those options treat symptoms, not the primary root cause of ED, and may have side effects.

Whether the manifestation of erectile dysfunction is related to disease, injury, lifestyle choices or even stress, recent studies suggest rates of erectile dysfunction are on the rise. The statistics seem to correlate with a man’s age bracket: 35% of men in their 40s, 45% of men in their 50s, 85% of men in their 80s, and so on.

Scientific advances in vascular research have led to a new treatment option for male erectile dysfunction.

Acoustic wave therapy is a minimally-invasive ED treatment with almost no side-effects that exerts a genuine effect on the erectile mechanism by improving penile blood flow and allowing spontaneous erections.


What is Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED?

Blood flow is essential to male erections. Sexual arousal causes arteries to widen so the penis can engorge with blood, giving it the firmness it needs for vaginal penetration. When there are problems with blood flow, it is difficult to maintain or even achieve an erection.

Contrary to its name, shock wave therapy is completely painless.

An Innovative Treatment for Erectile DysfunctionIt uses energy from pulsating acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularization, where new blood vessels form and blood flow to the region is improved.

It has been used at higher intensities to break up renal stones (lithotripsy), and at lower intensities for musculoskeletal injuries or as a pain-relieving treatment for conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Pulse wave therapy for ED activates the body’s own repair mechanisms to trigger natural healing of vascular damage or malfunction in the penis.

Acoustic wave therapy not only helps men with erectile dysfunction but also men struggling with Peyronie’s Disease as well as men who are seeking male enhancement and improved sexual performance.

What to Expect from Acoustic Wave Therapy

Before you can begin treatment, your healthcare provider will ensure you are a good candidate for this type of therapy by conducting a comprehensive physical exam and running any necessary blood tests. Treatment is completed in the office of your healthcare provider and does not require any anesthesia or numbing agent, though you may experience a slight tingling sensation in the treated area during the procedure.

ed treatment Phoenix azThe procedure involves applying a handheld device that sends low-intensity acoustic waves through the penis, stimulating the growth of new blood vessels.

The low-intensity pulse wave is also said to unclog narrowed or closed arteries and blood vessels to allow blood to flow into the penis.

After treatment, you will not experience any downtime and are able to resume normal activities on the same day.

The typical protocol for acoustic wave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction is 6 sessions over a period of a 3-6 week period. However, depending upon the severity of ED and your symptoms, your healthcare provider may recommend a series of 12 treatments over the course of 6-12 months.

Am I a Candidate?

Studies continue to show promising results investigating the use of this type of therapy in men with mild to severe ED, even in men with diabetes, heart disease, and even some men post-prostatectomy. Acoustic wave therapy can even work when Viagra® and Cialis® fail.

However, patients with penile implants or patients on anticoagulant therapy are typically not good candidates for the procedure. You should inform your healthcare provider if either of these scenarios applies to you. Otherwise, the therapy is safe, effective and well-tolerated especially in:

  • Diabetics who have what is called “arteriogenic impotence” where the formation of fatty deposits in arteries, including penile arteries, causes erectile dysfunction.
  • Patients who have a lack of penile arteries and are unable to maintain an erection even with oral medication (because shock wave therapy causes the body to develop new blood vessels).

For men who are not responding to any other method of ED treatment, this low-intensity pulse wave therapy provides another option—one that is minimally-invasive has no side-effects and treats the primary root cause of their ED, not the symptoms.

Overall, acoustic wave therapy is well tolerated by patients. Many men have found this type of therapy provides immediate improvement in sensitivity; however, maximum results are expected over an 8-12 week.

Moderate to severe ED may require additional therapies or supplements in conjunction with shock wave therapy treatments. Lifestyle modifications to enhance your sexual health may also be recommended.

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